Local Business Listing Service

  • Save Time – Let us work as an extension of your business.
  • Save Money – Pay reduced agency rates with volume discounts.
  • Take Control -YOU own the accounts when completed!
  • Include with existing services & set your own pricing!
  • Claim listings that require phone or postcard verification without a hassle!
  • We add your customers enhanced listing data for you!
  • Secure listings from tampering or hi-jacking from spammers and competitors.
  • Gain access to features like coupons, deals, QR codes, and analytics data.
  • Expose issues keeping listings from ranking high (typos, duplicates, bad data, etc.)
  • Verification ranks as one of the top SEO practices for local business listings.
  • We are 100% compliant on all verification listing practices and procedures.

Interactive agencies, SEO firms, and marketing consultants use our service to have their client’s local business listings claimed, enhanced and verified with ease. DON’T pay hundreds of dollars every year only to lose control of your customer’s listings once you stop paying! We claim or create local business listings on the top local search destinations on your behalf for a small one-time fee, all account credentials are turned over to you after completion making updates simple. Unlike other local business listing services, we include local business listings that require phone or postcard verification (Google Places, Bing, YP.com, etc…). We provide this verification support service for your customer, under your company name, on your behalf. This verification service is NOT automated, contact with your customers is handled by our expert U.S.A. Based Verification Team.