Why Choose Us?

BusinessListingVerification.com (BLV) is a local business listing service for agencies and marketers to get their client’s local business listings claimed,enhanced, & verified. We exist solely to make your process easier! Some local business listing services online rely on third-party vendors for claiming and verifying or leave it up to the business owner. This often slows down the process, creates duplicates and creates errors in the listing. We work closely with our agency member customers to ensure a seamless, hassle-free relationship for their clients.

We are transparent to your customer. BLV provides claiming and verification services to your customers under your business name. When phone or postcard verification is required BLV offers excellent customer service to your clients on behalf of your company.

      • Complete process end-to-end, and YOU own all of the accounts created.
      • We include listings that require verification (Google Places, Bing, YP.com, etc…) 
      • Our professional, U.S.A. based team ensures smooth communication.
      • We have claimed and verified thousands of local business listings.
      • We can claim, enhance, and verify a single profile or multiple profiles.
      • Our service includes TOP local destinations like Google Places, Yahoo, &  Bing.
      • We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services to you and your customer.

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