Create two different real-world scenarios—one in which you would use permutations and one in which you would use combinations: Include specific details and an explanation about what makes each situation either a combination or permutation. Provide sample data and calculate the total number of possible permutations and combinations for both scenarios. Help please (34 points if you do)

Accepted Solution

Permutation: If you are having a race with 10 people, there are 720 different ways that runners can finish the race. Since the order matters, this is a permutation.
10 x 9 x 8 =720

Combination: If you are selecting 3 members to join a club from a class of 10 students, there are 120 different clubs that can be formed. Since the order they are chosen doesn't matter, this is a combination.
(10 x 9 x 8) / 6 = 120