71 Divided by What Equals 54?

Accepted Solution


In successfully solving for a variable, such as 'x', in a division equation, first establish the problem using the variable. If we want to find what number (or 'x') 71 can be divided by to equal 54, we set up the equation as follows:

\[ \frac{71}{x} = 54 \]

To solve for 'x', we aim to isolate it. This is done by multiplying both sides of the equation by 'x' to leave 71 alone on one side.

\[ 71 = 54*x \]

'x' can then be isolated on the other side by dividing both sides by 54.

\[ \frac{71}{54} = x \]

On simplifying we get the solution, rounded to three decimal places if necessary.

\[ x = 1.315 \]

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