What is 2/11 Divided by 9/3?

Accepted Solution

How to Calculate Fractions Division

To explore the concept of dividing fractions, we will solve the problem: what is 2/11 divided by 9/3? We will be exploring each step of the calculation, breaking it down so that you can understand how to solve similar problems.

The fractions consist of numerators and denominators, which are crucial. Therefore, we identify the below: Bullet list of components:
  • Numerator of the dividend: 2
  • Denominator of the dividend: 11
  • Numerator of the divisor: 9
  • Denominator of the divisor: 3

The calculation starts with multiplying the numerator of the dividend (2) by the denominator of the divisor (3) and the denominator of the dividend (11) by the numerator of the divisor (9). This gives us the new fraction 6/99 which simplifies to 2/33 in its fractional form. For its decimal form, divide 6 by 99 to get 0.061.

Therefore, in decimal form, 2/11 divided by 9/3 is 0.061 and in fractional form, it is 2/33. Understood? Try solving these other problems and see how you do!

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