Anna wants to rent movies from either Service A or Service B. Service A charges $37.92 as a subscription fee with a charge of $2.18 per movie.Service B charges $33.25 as a subscription fee plus $3.55 per movie. Service B is running a special offer where the first movie is free. Given that Anna always rents at least 1 movie in a given subscription period, how many movies would she have to rent for the average cost per movie to be equal at Service A or Service B?

Accepted Solution

Answer:6 movies Step-by-step explanation: Β :Service A1. $37.92 +&2.18=$40.12. $41.1+$2.18=$42.283....4....5....6. $48.82+$2.18=$51Service B1. $33.25+free movie=$33.252. $33.25+$3.55=$36.83....4....5....6. $47.45+$3.55=$51