G={a,b,g} J={e,h,j} find the union of G and J. find the intersection of G and J​

Accepted Solution

The union is: {a,b,e,g,h,j}The intersection is: Empty Set(Φ)Further explanation:Let us define union and intersection first.Union is the combination of elements of all sets involve.While intersection is the set of common elements of the sets being intersected.GivenG={a,b,g} J={e,h,j}GUJG∪J= {a,b,g}∪{e,h,j}={a,b,e,g,h,j}G∩JG∩J={a,b,g}∩{e,h,j}=ΦThe union is: {a,b,e,g,h,j}The intersection is: Empty Set(Φ)Keywords: Sets, UnionLearn more about set operations at:brainly.com/question/10435836brainly.com/question/10541435#LearnwithBrainly