53 Divided by What Equals 50?

Accepted Solution


To figure out what number you have to divide 53 by in order to get 50, simply represent the unknown number as 'x' and then set up an equation 53/x = 50, which can be written using LaTeX as $ \frac{53}{x} = 50$.

The aim is to find the value of 'x' by manipulating the equation. The first step is to get rid of 'x' from the denominator, which can be achieved by multiplying both sides of the equation by 'x'. Hence, we have 53 = 50*x or with LaTeX $53 = 50*x$.

Then we need to isolate 'x' on the right side by dividing both sides of the equation by 50, yielding 53/50 = x, which can be translated with LaTeX like $ \frac{53}{50} = x$.

After simplifying the new equation, the value 'x' can be calculated. In our case, rounding the solution down to three decimal places gives x = 1.060 or with LaTeX $x = 1.060$.

For further practice try to solve following problems. Keep in mind to represent the unknown number as 'x' and then to set up an equation accordingly:

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