What is 95 Divided by 6/9?

Accepted Solution

Calculating 95 Divided by 6/9

This text will guide you to understand how to solve a division problem where the dividend is a whole number and the divisor is a fraction. Specifically, it answers the question, "What is 95 divided by 6/9?" Here is a step-by-step process for performing this calculation.

Step-by-step Explanation

Step 1: Identify the Dividend and the Divisor

The Dividend: 95 and the Divisor (Fraction): 6/9

Step 2: Multiply the Dividend by the Denominator of the Fraction, i.e.,
\[95 \times 9 = 855\]

Step 3: The Numerator of the Fraction becomes the Denominator of the Result, hence
\[\frac{95 \times 9}{6} = \frac{855}{6}\]

Step 4: Divide the result (numerator) by the denominator to get the answer in decimal form:
\[\frac{855}{6} = 142.5\]

When converted to lowest terms, \(95 \div \frac{6}{9}\) becomes \(\frac{285}{2}.\)

Therefore, in decimal form, 95 divided by 6/9 is equal to 142.5, and, in fractional form, it is 285/2.

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